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There’s a LOT of DJs out there, but few have done it as long, or do it as well, as the magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff. And today, January 22nd, is his birthday, so here’s a little Heavy Hits blog tribute to the great man! Jeff is a great example to any DJ out there – […]

Serato has been a fixture of the DJ landscape for 2 decades, and they have marked this anniversary with a special documentary charting the birth and development of their revolutionary product. It’s a fascinating insight to how they created it, and the resistance and snobbery that early adopters like Jazzy Jeff ran into from vinyl […]

DJs have a strange relationship with technology. On one hand – without the technological innovations of pitch controls and direct drive turntables, would DJing have ever taken off in the way it did? It’s an artform entirely build around technology. On the other, any new tech today is generally greeted with a chorus of “THAT’S […]

We said it was that time of year because of NAMM, and here we go! Pioneer have unveiled a stunning looking new mixer, the DJM-V10 This looks like a serious unit, presumably aiming to become the installation mixer of choice for dance music clubs around the world, and with some fascinating features to cope with […]

It’s that time of the year that DJs love – NAMM is here, and with it, all sorts of announcements and unveilings about incredible new DJ toys to play with. For a long time, the Pioneer DJM S9 has been the dominant scratch mixer in the market, but it wasn’t always this way – the […]

One of the elements of DJing that is extremely important in order to stand out, but strangely under-used, is personalising your own scratch sentences. It’s never been simpler to do so – from TV & film dialogue, to acapellas, to even recording your own vocals, digital technology has made it really straightforward to make your […]

Ahead of NAMM, Denon this week launched it’s new media players, the SC6000 and SC6000M (which features a motorised, vinyl-esque platter). Pioneer have enjoyed a vice-like grip on much of the modern DJ tech scene, but Denon are doing their best to make inroads, with some very well-respected products. These new players really look very […]

It’s a fact of life for most DJs – they are going to get a lot of requests. Not all of them are going to make sense, many might be rude, and often there is no way to satisfy the person making the request without ruining the vibe you have created on the dancefloor. Some […]

It’s the time of year again, where we take stock of the year just gone, and look forward to the year ahead. And one of the big things for DJs is to look back at what the biggest hitters were in their crates, and on the dancefloors. Every year, we publish end of year charts […]

DJing is a lot of fun, but for many people it isn’t something they want to do full-time for their whole life – Dan Savidge is one such DJ, and here he tells us a little about how he created a business from his contacts made while DJing, and what he looks for in the […]

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