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There’s a million ways to DJ well, and even more ways to make mistakes, and learning from the global DJ family is a great way to expand your skillset, and avoid making mistakes. We asked our online community what advice they wish they had been told, and here’s a selection of the best. Whether you […]

  There’s a lot of DJs around these days, but few that do it as well, or as uniquely, as DJ Yoda. A multi-award-winning hip-hop DJ and producer, he has constantly innovated his style, becoming a pioneer of Audio Visual DJ sets, a prolific mixtape creator (his Stranger Things mixtape has racked up over half […]

DJ Carlo Atendido shows you a few basic techniques and tricks to apply while performing in a nightlife setting.  His youtube channel is filled with helpful tips for beginner and advanced DJ’s.  Check out one of his videos below:  

Zedd announced on Friday that he had gotten banned from China. He would later follow up in the comment section of his Instagram post and confirm that it had happened. This happened because he liked a Southpark tweet that celebrated its 300th episode, but also took shots at the country. It’s reported that promoters who […]

New stuff from Diplo and Skrillex on the way? In an interview with Rolling Stone Diplo teased the duo’s comeback. He said “Could be next year. I think Skrillex has a lot of material he’s been gearing to release. When that happens I think we might be able to do some new stuff, but I’ve worked […]

There’s really no way around social media, especially being a DJ in 2019. In some situations, it can play a huge role in getting booked. With that being said,  not having a “following” on social media could really mess with you mentally, especially if you’re not getting booked. The video below breaks down social media […]

Young Guru is a LEGEND in the music industry. Known for his work with Jay-Z, Guru sits down with Serato and talks about his career, production, and the next generation of music producers.  Check it out!

Default DJ settings suck. So in this video we’re gonna change 5 easy settings so you can start Dj’ing like a pro ASAP! DJ Carlo Atendido suggests to ALWAYS change these 5 DJ Settings (Serato DJ, Rekordbox DJ) …..

Thinking of getting some new gear this year? If so, you should definitely check out the Reloop RP-8000Mk2 and Elite DJ Mixer set up. It comes Serato ready and is about $400 USD less than a brand new Pioneer Dj set up. Check out the review from DJ Tech Tools.

New gear alert! Pioneer JUST released the DDJ-XP2 and this thing is dope! For starters, it compatible with both Serato AND Rekordbox. If you’d like to try out Rekordbox, it comes with a rekordbox subscription as well.  It has 32 multi-colored performance pads giving users the ability to do more than imagined, and all the […]

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