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You ever been curious on how to set up a tone play routine? Well 2-Time RedBull Music 3style Poland DJ Champ, 69 Beats has got you covered! Over the course of this 35+ minute video, DJ 69 breaks down how to properly set up and execute a tone-play routine. He also explains how to find […]

Okay, seriously this thing is dope! You might have seen it earlier this year as Off-White fashion designer and DJ, Virgil Abloh used them in his DJ set at Coachella this past April. What’s wild about this set up is that it’s transparent and not labeled. They’re strange looking, to say the least, but the […]

We Asked For The Worst Song Request You’ve Ever Received…The Results Are In. Shout out to every DJ who commented. Some of the results were relatable while others were just flat out funny. You can peep the original post here. We listed some of our favorites below, check them out! djreesebsmooth This chic requested “Knuck […]

Pioneer has added another controller to their already stacked arsenal. Introducing the DDJ 200. This for the beginner DJ and it’s honestly pretty cool. One of the key features about this new controller is that it supports streaming from your iOS device. So if you download the WeDJ app that goes with, you can access […]

Old Town Road is the number 1 song in America. And DJ’s everywhere are playing it, even if they like it or not. What’s crazy about this song is how it literally came out of nowhere. What’s even crazier is how the song came together. In the video below, New York Time’s Reporter Joe Coscarelli […]

This is a game changer for DJ’s. To find new music many DJ’s check out the Billboard charts. Well as of May 11th, that’s all changing because Rolling Stone announced that they will be releasing their own charts called the “RS Charts” and it’s built to rival Billboard. By using the latest information from sales, […]

In a tweet earlier this year, he teased the album saying it was “Under Pressure meets Bobby Tarantino”. …and he’s not wrong. Logic delivers in what is his 6th studio album. It spans 15 tracks and is 55 mins long so it’s a quick listen. It’s got features from some of the best in the […]

This might be one of the most anticipated tours of 2019. Earlier today (May 6th, 2019), Lil Wayne and Blink-182 broke the internet by announcing a massive summer 2019 tour. UK Pop Punk group Neck Deep will be joining them on tour as well. The tour kicks off in Ohio this June and will span […]

As  DJ’s Instagram is a HUGE marketing tool…we use it every day. Earlier this week the social media giant announced that it would be testing a feature that “hides likes” from a users followers. So basically, if you like a photo you’ll only see your like and what mutual friends have liked said post. This […]

Zedd is going on tour! The tour kicks off in Seattle in September and runs through the end of November with dates in the US and United Kingdom. Tickets go on sale May 10th at 10 am local time. A handful of lucky fans will be chosen to get tickets May 7th. To sign up […]

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