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Zedd announced on Friday that he had gotten banned from China. He would later follow up in the comment section of his Instagram post and confirm that it had happened. This happened because he liked a Southpark tweet that celebrated its 300th episode, but also took shots at the country. It’s reported that promoters who […]

New stuff from Diplo and Skrillex on the way? In an interview with Rolling Stone Diplo teased the duo’s comeback. He said “Could be next year. I think Skrillex has a lot of material he’s been gearing to release. When that happens I think we might be able to do some new stuff, but I’ve worked […]

Young Guru is a LEGEND in the music industry. Known for his work with Jay-Z, Guru sits down with Serato and talks about his career, production, and the next generation of music producers.  Check it out!

New gear alert! Pioneer JUST released the DDJ-XP2 and this thing is dope! For starters, it compatible with both Serato AND Rekordbox. If you’d like to try out Rekordbox, it comes with a rekordbox subscription as well.  It has 32 multi-colored performance pads giving users the ability to do more than imagined, and all the […]

Chicago bass trap royalty delivers a sound pack that will redline your brain. This instalment includes countless pitched reverb drums, bass instruments that will cause minor earthquakes, as well as a bunch of Floss’ unique FX samples that are sure to expand your production horizons. Flosstradamus’ Serato Studio sound pack is here….

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The comprehensive mastering suite is the most popular do it yourself mastering software and it’s completely free right now! iZotope Ozone Elements 8 normally costs $129 but from now until October 2nd you can get a free license and take your productions, edits, remixes and more to the next level. Don’t forget to share the […]

Virtual DJ 2020 just got released and it’s dope! This new program is packed! The biggest thing that stands out at first glance is how smooth looking the program is. It looks like you’re using Rekordbox or Serato. Like Serato and Rekordbox, it also supports in-program streaming from sites like SoundCloud. Mobile DJ’s will love […]

Catalina, the new Apple OS that’s being released, is not Serato compatible. The company said in an email: “We are currently testing the beta of macOS 10.15 Catalina with Serato DJ Lite and Serato DJ Pro and have noticed some issues, which we are currently working through. We aim to have this ready and announce […]

Since Phase has come out, its been the subject of many conversations. Like anything that’s brand new, there will be flaws and Phase was no exception. Recently the company released an update in effort to fix some of the issues. Got Phase? Here’s how you update your firmware:

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