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Numark has released quite the mixer for the price point. This thing comes LOADED with 6 dedicated FX selectors with dual toggle triggers, 8 performance pads, and much more. It also includes Serato DJ Pro and Serato DVS. In comparison to other mixers in its class, you’re definitely getting a lot of bang for your […]

DJ AndOne’s Debut EP “Same Damn Sound” Hopes To Motivate Producers Hailing from Richmond, VA  DJ and Producer AndOne just released his debut EP titled “Same Damn Sound” that is already capturing the attention of artists and fans worldwide. The 2019 DMC DC Finalist comes with a very unfiltered approach. An approach that takes aim […]

Ahead of the groups fourth and supposed final album, Jillionaire has left Major Lazer. It’s said he’s leaving to focus on solo projects so, in the meantime, Diplo and Walshy Fire will be joined on tour by Ape Drums. In an interview with Dancing Astronaut, Diplo kinda cleared up some things. He said “Jillionaire is […]

On June 1st Applications for the Redbull 3style X competition opened up! Last year, over 1,200 DJ’s and producers from all over the world entered in the Redbull 3Style Championship. And going into its 10th year, the bar will be set even higher. Think you got what it takes to be the world champ? Apply […]

Relax, it’s really not that big of a deal. When Itunes was created, It was a way for people to have access to music and take it with them…legally. But over time, technology has advanced, desktop computer usage has gone down, our smartphones have gotten smarter, and music has become more accessible. Now, we can […]

Avicii’s Posthumous Album “Tim” is set to be released on June 8th. The album has many features on it including some from Aloe Blacc and the Imagine Dragons just to name a few. Along with the release of the album, there will be six cubes placed all over the world for fans to stream the […]

Okay, seriously this thing is dope! You might have seen it earlier this year as Off-White fashion designer and DJ, Virgil Abloh used them in his DJ set at Coachella this past April. What’s wild about this set up is that it’s transparent and not labeled. They’re strange looking, to say the least, but the […]

We Asked For The Worst Song Request You’ve Ever Received…The Results Are In. Shout out to every DJ who commented. Some of the results were relatable while others were just flat out funny. You can peep the original post here. We listed some of our favorites below, check them out! djreesebsmooth This chic requested “Knuck […]

Pioneer has added another controller to their already stacked arsenal. Introducing the DDJ 200. This for the beginner DJ and it’s honestly pretty cool. One of the key features about this new controller is that it supports streaming from your iOS device. So if you download the WeDJ app that goes with, you can access […]

Old Town Road is the number 1 song in America. And DJ’s everywhere are playing it, even if they like it or not. What’s crazy about this song is how it literally came out of nowhere. What’s even crazier is how the song came together. In the video below, New York Time’s Reporter Joe Coscarelli […]

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