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Acapella Ins are special edits made for DJs that begin with 4 or 8 Bars of acapella perfect for creative transitioning, live mashing and scratching into the next song. Our own DJ AndOne picks some of his favorites to get into your rotation featuring top tunes by Drake, Rick Ross, Sean Paul, Ed Sheeran, Shindy, […]

One of the trickiest things to do as a DJ is open a night. There are multiple things to consider and you have to create the perfect environment and energy for the next DJ coming up. Our very own blogger and party rocker DJ Bangarang has put together a list of a few songs he […]

With the official start to summer approaching quickly, people all around the world are looking for funky songs to play out at day parties, pools, and festivals. Our OG DJ Raize has put together a list of over 20 disco house tracks to set the perfect vibe.

The Puerto Rican day parade is an annual celebration of Puerto Rican culture that takes over the streets of NYC every year on the second Sunday of June. DJ Enuff aka El Presidente shares with us the true musical roots of the festivities with this exclusive playlist featuring Elvis Crespo, Daddy Yankee, Marc Anthony and […]

Our super intro maker and editor Jay-L is back again with carefully selected Pop songs and edits that no DJ should go without. Scroll down to grab all the new heat needed to take your nights to the next level!

Today our very own DJ AndOne released his debut EP titled “Same Damn Sound”. To celebrate this huge accomplishment we asked the Young Jedi to pick out some of his best edits/originals that he thinks every DJ should have in their arsenal!

Paris native and Heavy Hits super editor EwONE! is back with one of the best tribute mixes you’ll ever hear paying homage to the legendary hip hop act: A Tribe Called Quest. Here Eweezy takes on a journey of original samples, exclusive edits and hard to find remixes of the supergroup’s legendary discography. EwONE! is […]

*Updated June 2019 It’s 3style season and whether you’re competing or not this year it’s always a good time to be practicing your cuts and sharpening the skills. Here we have an exclusive playlist of battle breaks, scratch samples, acapella loops, tone play tools and more to get the creative juices flowing and dominate the […]

Our wedding specialist DJ BEN BOYLAN (NYC) has been called upon over 150 times by couples celebrating their big day. Here Ben picks out his top tunes from the early 2000s perfect to set the mood before setting the dance floor on fire. Anyone looking for tips about DJing weddings or private events make sure […]

Update your crates with today’s newest international hits/edits carefully selected by Heavy Hits super editor Panchino Perez featuring top Afrobeats, GermanRap, DutchBass, FrenchRap, UKGrime, Brazilian and more…

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