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We Asked For The Worst Song Request You’ve Ever Received…The Results Are In.

Shout out to every DJ who commented. Some of the results were relatable while others were just flat out funny. You can peep the original post here.

We listed some of our favorites below, check them out!


This chic requested “Knuck if you buck” at a corporate party. I politely declined and told her you must want me to get fired.


“I once had a guy come up to me and request a specific song while that very song was already playing. I told him that, he drunkenly tilted his head for 2 secs like a dog hearing a whistle, nodded in confirmation, and went away.”


“The WORST! Especially as a female DJ, to have a woman come up to me and ask for an RKelly set, the day after “Surviving RKelly” aired!!! I was like 😐🤨R U KIDDING ME? I thought I was on the show ‘What would you Do?’ LOL That was trippy!”


“A request that was begged and ask for multiple times in which I played and the person doesn’t move a muscle or flinch!!!”

Our Guy @djsantero came through with A small selection…peep them below!

* Have you got something for someone who’s with someone but wants to fuck someone else?
* Have you got that song? Its by a blonde lady?
* Play some Avicii, Avicii is hip hop. [At a hip hop night, this girl stuck around for around 20 minutes arguing her case]

* Play something a bank manager would like, you know, like 50 Cent or Lil Wayne or something
* Do you do requests? “well, that depends on the request really” OK – so what’s a good song?
* Can you turn this one off, I don’t know it [was during Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere]
* Have you got the one by the black guy? You know… wotsisname
* For the next song can you play one a bit like this one?
* I’ve been here an hour, I have to say I really don’t like what you are playing
* Can you play something I know? “what do you know” Everything. But not this.
* When are you gonna play my request? “It’s on now, you cheered when it came on”
* Have you got that song with the beat?
* Have you got Britney? “No” What about Take That? “No, sorry.” Well, you must have JLS?!
* Can you play something we can dance to? [while Chic – I Want Your Love was on, although that has been said to me hundreds of times in total, almost always when something absolutely classic is on]
* Have you got anything good? [get this one at least once a week, generally reply with “sorry, no – orders of the management, only allowed to play terrible music”]

What’s The Worst Song request you’ve ever gotten? Let us know!


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