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The most popular songs being streamed around the world for the week ending June 10th 2019.

Since the inception of DJing we have been using music from the past to create new sounds with the old sounds. In the early to mid 90s just about every hip hop track was made using a sample from an old funk, rock or soul track to create a new sound. In our new feature […]

We Asked For The Worst Song Request You’ve Ever Received…The Results Are In. Shout out to every DJ who commented. Some of the results were relatable while others were just flat out funny. You can peep the original post here. We listed some of our favorites below, check them out! djreesebsmooth This chic requested “Knuck […]

The most popular songs being streamed around the world for the week ending May 15th 2019.

In a tweet earlier this year, he teased the album saying it was “Under Pressure meets Bobby Tarantino”. …and he’s not wrong. Logic delivers in what is his 6th studio album. It spans 15 tracks and is 55 mins long so it’s a quick listen. It’s got features from some of the best in the […]

Las Vegas’ newest and biggest nightclub is now open. Sprawling over 100,000 Sq. Ft.,  Kaos which is inside the Palms Hotel, is two venues packed into one featuring a day and a night club. By stepping away from the traditional format of just DJ’s, Kaos is able to separate itself apart from the competition with […]

All of this season’s Latin Trap bangers featuring Ozuna, Bad Bunny, El Alfa, Miky Woodz and more curated by JEKEY.

Most shazam’d songs for the week ending April 2nd 2019. For those unfamiliar Shazam is an app that let’s users identify songs being played on the radio, television, the club or anywhere else music is being played. Great tool for DJs to know which songs caught people’s attention. Featuring tunes by Daddy Yankee, Imagine Dragons, […]

Update your crates with the most popular songs being streamed around the world for the week ending March 12th 2019 Don’t forget to check the related tracks for remixes and HH exclusive edits for added flavor.

Christopher Rios to many, known as Big Pun, moved on on 2.7.2000 and we celebrate his life through his music. One of the best to ever do it and gone too soon, Big Pun broke barriers as a formidable latin lyricist. With classics such as “Still Not A Player” “100%” and “Dream Shatterer” along with […]

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