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Next up in the SampledBy series we have Serg Sniper digging up the records that some of our favorite 90s hip hop songs sampled including classics by Redman, Cypress Hill, EPMD, Wu Tang and more. Great for DJs to show off the skills flipping the original into the newer song and also for producers and […]

In our 8th installment of the “SampledBy” series DJ AndOne does his homework on Lil Wayne’s top tunes accompanied by the songs his production teams used to make the hits dating all the way back to the 60s. Young mula, baby…

Hailing from France, Daft Punk is one of the most prolific dance acts the world has ever seen. They are responsible for some of the biggest house music albums and songs that exist and they changed the way sampling was used in electronic music. With that in mind our next installment of “Sampled By” is […]

Next up in our “Sampled By” series ISAAC JORDAN selects an electric selection of funky house bangers that have been reimagined from top hits of the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. House music is forever and these remixes are perfect for transitioning from a top40 or old school set straight into a high energy peak […]

G House is a subgenre of house music that is driven on Hip Hop and R&B samples and heavy bass. It’s a great style of music for transitioning the dance floor from hip hop to dance and back again. Panchino Perez picks us a deep playlist of the hottest G House tracks accompanied by the […]

Since the inception of DJing we have been using music from the past to create new sounds with the old sounds. In the early to mid 90s just about every hip hop track was made using a sample from an old funk, rock or soul track to create a new sound. In our new feature […]

If there’s an artist that knows how to get the whole world’s attention it’s Kanye West. To many he’s a living hip hop legend and to others he’s a lunatic who has lost his mind. Whether you think he’s a genius or insane there’s no denying his body of work and his ability to flip […]

Volume 3 of our “Sampled By:” series features our some of our favorite songs by Drake who was our members choice for artist of the year in 2018. First the Drake songs you know and love followed by the songs that were sampled to make those tracks. Curated by our resident editor and club rocker […]

Back by popular demand is our second installment of “Sampled By:”. In volume 2 we feature our favorite songs by one of the greatest rappers of all time: 2Pac aka Tupac Shakur accompanied by the songs that were sampled to make those tracks. Class is in session!

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